Why is there an evaluation fee?

It's a robust evaluation of your promotional materials and their ability to inspire hosts who may not know who you are. We feel it's valuable to get a handful of host opinions, regardless of their expertise, since they are the ones that do the booking. We also pay professionals to make sure you receive helpful comments. Artists consistently tell us this feedback is immensely helpful. 

Returning Member?

If you are a former artist member of CIYH, you'll have a discounted option for your evaluations. 

Want to earn money first?

  1. Download our free house concert guide.(left side of page)
  2. Try the $100,000 email on your fans.
  3. Book a few house concerts before you even apply.

Chances are, you'll get several house concerts from it and be delighted to pay the evaluation fee. If it doesn't inspire your fans to host a show, then CIYH is probably not a good investment for you at this time. 

We want artists to have some idea of how their promotional materials will be received, before they purchase a membership. Thanks for understanding. 

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