Founder's Circle


Fractured Atlas is our fiscal sponsor, and holds us accountable to make sure your donations are used for arts purposes, such as improving our websites, increasing our outreach and opportunities.
Additional donations may be tax deductible.

Founder's Circle

We thank the following donors for their contributions to our network and music community. You allow us to create more opportunities for music fans, and your support enables talented artists to play for a listening audience and a living wage.

Fran Snyder, founder
CIYH, LRN, and Listening Room Festval


Our Donors, 2018-2024

Legacy - donations up to $50,000

Kadel Family 

Patron - up to $5000

David Eichenbaum
Jim and Gysele Snyder
Larry Enlow
RandE Chase
Simon Ottewell
Susan and Ed Hoffman

Ambassador - up to $1000

Joe LeGrand
Julie O'Kelly
Markus Fromherz
Nancy Oeswein
Pam Doll

Supporter - up to $500

Alice Schaefer
Americana Community Music Association
Anders Andreassen
Beth Eschenfelder
Bill Carpenter
Bill Lippe
Bob Fulton
Catherine Wood
Charla Rolph
Chris Moore
Clifford Krolick
Dan Bergeron
Daniel Boling
Dani Goodband 
David and Erin Eichenbaum
David G. Smith
Gene Six
Heidi Pickman
JD Miller
Jefferson Glassie
Jim and Gaelynn Thurman
John Jaeger 
Kathy Miller
Kray Van Kirk
Lynn Smith
Mark Kaufman 
Paul G Vaccaro
Rick Closson
Twala Doty

Booster - up to $100

Amy Friedman
Andy and Christine McNeil 
Anil Das 
AnneMarie Fraley
Annie Capps
Barbara Smith
Ben McGrath
Betty Oldanie
Bill Diaz
Brian McCloskey
Bruce Seger
Carl Turk
Charla Rolph
Christy Harvey
Christy M Foust
Danika Holmes
Dave Levenson
Deb Hamilton
Deborah Williams
Dorothy Bodeux
Dudley Smith
Elizabeth Ryan
Erin Gray
Garret Godfrey
Gary Eakes
Genna Giacobassi
Greg Diamond
Harriet Baker
Helen Dahlhauser
Jeff Gerber
Jodee Lewis
John Borger
John Zipperer
Judi Jaeger
Karin Sands
Katherine Weston
Kerry Patrick Clark
Kevin Rittinger
Kristen Bibby
Larry Pearlstein
Laura Veremakis
Lee Herman
Lizbeth Cone
Lynne and Ken Alter
Lynne Allen
Lynne Schrum
Marisue Mullins
Mark Callison
Martha Cichelli
Matthew Bednarsky 
Michel Goguey
Muff Hacket
Norm Potosky
Norm Potoskyi
Pauline Watts
Paul Pfaffenberger 
Paul Schatz
Randall Michael Tobin
Robert Hines
Sarah M. Greer
Scott M. Manson
Steven Murphy
Susan Johanson
Tessa Snyder
The Bugle Boy
The PA Sinfonia Orchestra 
William Goodell